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Signs of Self-Sabotage and Ways to Overcome It.

When people don’t accomplish their goals or dreams, it’s common to hear the reasoning be their surrounding environment - their location, economic status, upbringing etc, all of which are legitimate reasons. However, at times, self-sabotage can be the cause. According to Psychology Today, behavior is said to be self-sabotaging when it causes problems or interferes with your long-standing goals.

Procrastination is one sign of self-sabotage and it’s one that we are very familiar with. It is often seen as ‘laziness’, however with introspection and self-examination, you will discover that fear is often the root cause.

How do you deal with that fear? One way is by asking yourself self-coaching questions. For example, let’s say your burning desire is to return to college for a degree but you’ve been out of school for several years so you keep putting it off.

Your self-coaching on this issue can be along these lines:

“What’s really holding me back?” or “What am I afraid of?”

“What is the worst that can happen when I return to school?”

“And if that happens, then what?”

“What is the best that can happen when I go back to school?”

“How would I feel when that happens?”

These questions increase your self-awareness and can allow you to get unstuck and begin to move forward. Journaling the answers in a notebook can be extremely powerful.

It's also helpful to answer these questions with a trusted friend or to invest in a coach who can offer support and partner with you to achieve your goals.

This week, notice if there are any areas you are procrastinating and take time to determine what's holding you back from moving forward. This can be the beginning of you making great strides towards accomplishing your goals!

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