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It's Not Too Late To Start Over

We are now in JUNE! The year is going by so quickly! I can vividly remember Christmas and New Year's Day!

I remember New Year's Day especially because I set some goals for the year that day. Now that we are almost at the midpoint of the year, I looked back at the goals I set and I have not achieved some that I hoped to have accomplished by now.

This did frustrate me a bit but I reminded myself that the fact that I'm alive gives me another opportunity to set and achieve new goals! There are just about seven more months left in the year to accomplish great things.

That excites me!

If you're like me today and not really where you hoped to be by now, don't despair! Hold your head up! It's not too late to start over. Let's get the New Year's excitement again and be determined to be successful!

Here are a few coaching questions to help get you going.

Take some time to journal the answers to these questions. They will help build your momentum.

  1. "What you are most excited about for the coming months?"

  2. "What do you already know you want to accomplish in the rest of the year?"

  3. "What is your biggest challenge in the upcoming months?"

  4. "What are your 3 biggest priorities for the upcoming months?"

  5. "If you did nothing else for the rest of the year, what 3 things would still make the year a success for you?"

Until next blog,

Your coach,



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