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"What Exactly is Coaching?"

Since I started coaching, I’ve been asked many times “What exactly is coaching?” It’s a question I love to be asked because I’m always excited to talk about my calling.

So, What Exactly is Coaching?

As an upcoming professional, I did a lot of brainstorming and planning around ideas, setting goals, making decisions and creating a path for my career. Collaborating with my own coach has helped me discover and develop my own strengths giving me momentum to keep moving forward!

You also can have a life changing impact from an effective professional coaching relationship.

Here are some scenarios in which a coach can benefit you:

  • You need a fresh outlook on personal challenges.

  • You feel stuck.

  • You’re dissatisfied with your job.

  • You need help setting and achieving goals.

  • You’re transitioning to a new stage in life.

  • Making decisions is difficult for you.

  • You’re unsure of your next move and need clarity.

  • You would like to develop new skills.

The list can go on!

Can you relate to anyone of those scenarios? Or do you know someone who can? If you do, I can help you!

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions at or choose a time for a FREE 30 minute consultation at

Use this opportunity to move towards achieving your life goals!

Until next blog,

Your Coach,


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