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New Year, New Goals!

Happy New Year!

I'm happy to announce that I'm back in the blogging space. Things are a little different now. I'm still a coach but I am now a student again! Yes, I'm back in the classroom as a doctoral student and this new goal has led me back to my hobby of blogging.

I decided to start again because of my own experiences searching for a doctorate program. After working in higher education for two decades, I had a strong desire to pursue a doctoral degree. However, it was not feasible for me to quit my job and enter a traditional doctoral program which would last an average of 4 to 6 years. So I chose an alternative path which was an online program. This method, although still difficult, is a bit more flexible.

The search process was not an easy one because there were so many schools and programs to choose from! I eventually started a PhD program last year. But guess what? I hated it! It was not a fit for me. So I decided to stop, reboot and start over, this time in a different program which is so much closer to what I'm looking for. It’s asynchronous, uses a cohort model, is based on action research and requires an internship before graduation. (I’ll go over all these in a later blog).

I want to save someone else the time and energy that I spent searching for a program that fit me. Hence the reason for restarting this blog. Over the next few weeks, months, years, as long as it takes, I’ll do my best to research online doctorate programs and share with my readers. I’ll also share my doctoral journey as well as tips and strategies for success as a student. If you or someone you know wants to pursue a doctoral degree or is currently a college student, feel free to share this blog with them.

Looking forward to sharing my journey with you!


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