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Take Time to Celebrate YOU!

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Many of us are good at setting goals, but we're not always so good at reviewing and celebrating - especially when it comes to our own achievements and growth!

Taking the time to review and celebrate our successes gives us the opportunity to really absorb how we've grown, and also to recognize and solidify the changes we've made in our lives. It's also important to ask ourselves deeper questions like, "What did I learn about myself?" and "What challenges did I overcome?" in addition to the usual focus on tangible achievements.

The following coaching exercise helps you to take into account all that you have achieved this past year and gives you the opportunity to celebrate yourself!


Start by setting aside 30-45 minutes, and find somewhere you can relax and sink into these questions. Perhaps you're snug in a local coffee shop with your favorite latte, in front of the fire at home or in the bath with a herbal tea or glass of wine. Then answer these eight coaching questions to review and celebrate how the year went for you and your coaching business.

Important: Do your best to identify the full five items for each question - and answer them intuitively from the heart. This isn't about what "looks good" to others, instead think about what YOU are proud of - no matter how small or unimportant it might seem to others.


Here are 8 Coaching Questions to Celebrate & Review Your Year:

1. Name Your Proudest 5 Achievements this Year.

This could be something big, small or anywhere in between. What are you most proud of?

2. List 5 Challenges You Overcame this Year.

What was hard? What are you proud of overcoming, dealing or getting to grips with?

3. What Did You Learn about Yourself?

These could include (but are not limited to!) your strengths, weaknesses, talents, positive or limiting beliefs, desires, values, hopes, fears, etc.

4. What New or Existing Relationships Did You Develop?

Who did you grow your relationship with? This could be personal or in business.

5. What Did You Create or Bring into the World this Year?

Think broadly - it could be anything at all that has your unique stamp on it!

6. How Specifically Did You Make a Difference in the World this Year?

Big or small, how did you help others/your community/the world? It could be in your family, wider community, friends, colleagues - even strangers!

7. Where Did You Have the Most Fun?

What did you enjoy most this year? Take a moment to really feel into this question.

8. If You Were to Write a Newspaper Headline that Summarized the Year for You. What would it Say? (Be Creative!)


Review And Take A Moment To Absorb Your Achievements

Now it's time to review your responses and absorb how it feels.


  • How do you feel as you look over your lists? What are the highlights?

  • What themes and patterns do you notice?

  • If there was one thing that stood out, what are you most proud of this year? Circle it!

Now, it's time for the part we usually skip over...

You've answered and reviewed the questions, now take a deep breath and really feel and celebrate all that you already are - and are becoming. Enjoy what you feel and absorb it. Stay here for 30 seconds, 60 seconds, two minutes.

  • Relax and stay a while longer - be proud of yourself, your achievements, what you learned and how you grew.

  • Recognize yourself.

  • See who you are and what you achieved this year!

  • What are you saying to yourself right now that you would like to remember and hold onto?



To wrap up this exercise, consider what reward or treat would remind you that you worked hard, learned and grew as a person.

What could you do that would anchor the feeling of gratitude and pride in yourself and all you achieved? Examples could include taking the day off to do something creative, buying a print, painting, scarf, tie or jewelry you admire. It could also be something small and symbolic eg. a pen, a fridge magnet, a small piece of jewelry, a special keyring etc.

TIP: It's good if it's something beautiful you will see often. This isn't about materialism, but rewarding and celebrating you. Choose something that creates an anchor to remind you of this year, something special that recognizes all your efforts.

Now, if you haven't already, all you have to do is commit to your reward or treat. It's important and symbolic.

Remember that you're worth it!

Until next blog,


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