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What Story Do You Have To Share?

This is a repost of a blog I recently shared in the Believe Bigger Book Club recently.

I have long had the dream of journeying into entrepreneurship. A few years ago, I decided to step out and begin that journey. At first, it was very exciting, but then things began to change. I started comparing myself to others who had amazing stories and seemed to be successful. Scrolling through social media became a bit painful. I became overwhelmed and frustrated. This made me shrink. ‘Little Me’ began to get louder, “No one really wants to hear your story.” “How do you intend to run a business? You don’t have much business sense.” “You should just be satisfied with where you are.” I’m sure some of you can identify. Negative thinking causes you to procrastinate or abandon your dream altogether. It also makes you bitter, frustrated or even depressed.

“The greater the struggle, the more significant the story.

Your story can change someone else’s.” (page 219)

In the midst of my funk, I began to get texts and calls from people either asking my advice on an issue or wanting to brainstorm a decision they had to make. I thought nothing of it. Most times when we’re in a state of “woe is me” we don’t see what’s happening around us. Slowly, I began to wake up and realize that God was showing me the people that needed to hear my story. These people who wanted ‘advice’ really wanted to hear from someone who has been through or can relate to what they’re going through! I’ve since then started taking my interactions with people more seriously. I’m training myself to ask: “God, what message do you want me to share today?”

Chapter 12 on Finding Your Voice solidified this for me. “You are not just a voice, you are voice. It’s your greatest superpower.” (page 210) This has become so real to me now. I’ve embraced it. I now see my life as described in the book as “a message”, my voice as a “superpower” and I intend to use my story as a “sign of God’s strength!” (page 218)

Marshawn says on the bottom of page 212, “Your story is a one-of-a-kind key that unlocks possibility in others.”

With that said, what story do you have to share?


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