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5 Simple Tips for Effective Studying

School is back in session and that means soon you'll be taking tests. As you know, success on tests requires effective studying.

Here are 5 simple tips that I have used and still use to make my study time effective.

1. Set a definite schedule. I set aside a specific time in my calendar everyday for studying and only change it if there is an emergency. I'm intentional about the time of day that I choose as well. I choose times when my brain is most alert and ready to focus. For me that's either very early in the morning or late at night after a nap.

2. Set a comfortable pace. I've learnt to not overwhelm myself with too much work at one time. One thing that works for me is separating homework from studying. I would get the homework done first and then spend time reviewing and researching to enhance what I learned in class.

I also set a comfortable limit. Most times I would do work for 30 mins then take a break and go back for another 30 or so. Choose whatever time limit is comfortable for you.

Tech Tip: I just downloaded this app called 30/30 which is a productivity app. You can try it as well and give feedback.

3. Clear the space. I can't study in clutter! Before I start anything, I clear the study area and sometimes light a refreshing candle or set my oil diffuser to a light mist. It helps get my creative juices flowing and makes me focus better.

4. Remove distractions. This is something I've learned to do over the many years of school. In my much younger days I was convinced that I could study with the TV blaring in the background. Doesn't work for me. At least not anymore. Focusing on the one thing in front of me without any distractions is best.

5. Set Mood music. The last tip is that although I don't like distractions, mood music helps a lot! My favorite type of study mood music is cool jazz. I throw on some Dave Brubeck and it helps me focus so well. I'm actually listening to a cool jazz playlist as I write this blog.

Those are my tips for effective studying. Using these have helped me to retain what I studied and successfully take many exams. I would love to hear from you. What has helped you study effectively?

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