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4 Simple Tips to Keep you Focused

Do you feel like you’re doing a lot but not achieving much? Are you beginning to lose focus on your goal? Do you sometimes want to throw in the towel? As a new solo-entrepreneur, still working a 9 to 5 I sometimes have that feeling.

Today I want to share with you some simple tips that help me stay focused and productive. These can apply to you whether your goal is financial, health, education, career related, or personal.


Having your vision in clear sight helps to keep you moving forward especially when you encounter obstacles. This can simply be writing it down and placing it somewhere you can see it regularly or it can be a vision board with pictures of what you are working towards. I love vision boards with pictures of what I want to accomplish, motivating quotes and scriptures. Be creative and make it something that appeals to you.


Keep your goals practical and manageable. If your aim is to lose 50 lbs by the end of the year. It’s helpful to break that main goal down into smaller steps - lose 1 ½ lbs weekly, exercise for 20 min a day, eat less carbs, drink more water, etc. Taking smaller steps helps you to stay track and be more successful at achieving your goal.


It’s so important to live in the moment! Many times, we are so focused on accomplishing our goals that we forget to enjoy the journey. This often leads us to burnout and frustration. Take a few minutes every day to focus on what went well. Celebrate your wins. Take time to relax with your friends, family, coworkers. The road towards your goal may not be a smooth one but celebrate your achievements along the way, be grateful and be expectant for what’s to come.


Have friends who are positive, prayerful, and will give you feedback that will contribute to your success. It’s easy to give up when you face obstacles or when you’re burnt out. Having good friends to give you that push can make a huge difference!

It's my sincere hope that these four simple tips will help keep you focused on your success journey! Feel free to post your thoughts and what other tips you use in the comments.

Until next blog,

Your coach,


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