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How do you Measure your Success?

If I were to ask every reader to write their five-year goal, I would get a wide variety of responses. Some may have career goals, family, financial, health. The list can go on. Although the goals may vastly differ, one commonality would likely be that each person would want to be successful at achieving these goals.

Success drives us. It motivates us to keep moving forward. It keeps us striving for improvement.

How do you measure your success? Is it by the awards you receive, how much money you earn, accolades, material possessions?

Author and Life Coach Valorie Burton beautifully defines success as a ‘harmony of purpose, resilience and joy’.

This definition has resonated so much with me. It has helped me with setting and achieving goals, developing a successful business plan, keeping my clients happy and satisfied and so much more!

Listen or read as Valorie expands on this in her own newsletter here: 3 Empowering Ways to Measure Your Success.


Valorie is also my teacher at the CaPP Institute (Coaching and Positive Psychology). Here is a pic of us after my training at the Coach Training Intensive in Atlanta, GA last October. :-)

Until next blog,

Your coach,


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