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The Hidden Gem of College Coaching

Why "broke college students" are the key to filling your coaching practice.

Do you want to help students succeed in college?

Learn how to use your coaching skills to provide personal and professional development to college students. 

College coaching goes beyond getting students into college. It also involves partnering with them to discover and develop their skills, build resilience, and make effective decisions along their college journey.


The role of a coach is vital to a college student's success as this time can be a confusing, stressful period. Having the support of a coach can help them be champion students despite the difficulties they encounter. You can be that coach to support them throughout the college journey - from decision making to setting achievable goals to career preparation.

I put this mini-course together with the hope of encouraging other coaches to get involved in partnering with students to achieve success in their academic and career goals. With this short course, I will give you helpful information and tools to get your business started.


This package includes:

  • A 25-minute webinar on why students need coaching, where to find students, and steps to starting your business.

  • Journal prompts to help you write your ideas which can be helpful in creating a business plan.

  • A handy list of resources.

  • This is a FREE course.

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