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5 Tips for a Successful Semester

The new semester is almost here for most college students - one step closer to your degree!

Here are 5 tips to make this your most successful semester ever.

1. HAVE A GOAL. Ask yourself this question - “What do I want the end of this semester to look like?” Then state your answer like it already happened. For example, “I passed all my classes with A’s!” or “I’m working in an internship in my major.” This helps you to visualize what you’re working towards. Creating a vision board with your goal in pictures is also a great idea!

2. MAKE A PLAN. Once you’ve determined your goal, make a plan to work towards it. This can include setting aside a specific study time or finding a study partner. Planning makes you stay focused on your goal.

3. AVOID PROCRASTINATION. As you get assignments, start working towards them. Don’t put things off until the last minute. You may say “I work better when I do things under pressure!” This may be true for some people but you should always allow room for an emergency. Delaying assignments until the last minute can cause unnecessary stress if something unexpected happens.

4. HAVE FUN. College can be tough. In the midst of studying and working, make time to enjoy yourself with healthy, fun activities. This will boost your happiness which is essential for success.

5. ASK FOR HELP. Don’t hesitate to ask for help whether it’s with your classes or with your mental and physical health. If you are experiencing a stressful situation, reach out to an adviser, a counselor or a friend who can either help you or point you to someone who can.

If you have other ideas, feel free to post them in the comments.

Have a GREAT semester!

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