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Passionate About Helping Others Achieve SUCCESS!

“I support students transitioning into college and graduates transitioning to professional life. My goal is to help you discover and enhance that thing you would love doing with joy and satisfaction and to support you in achieving SUCCESS!”








Richale Reed

“Karlene is a professional, caring, and genuine coach with the added benefit of that therapeutic touch. She has also taken the investment in training to help others reach their goals seriously. She is truly a blessing.” Richale Reed

Yiciana Rodriguez

“I couldn’t say enough good things about Karlene as a coach! She is an extremely professional coach who is incredibly patient and genuine. She listens to your needs and goals attentively and her kind and gentle approach makes it easy for you to feel comfortable with her. Using the tools she has given me, I’ve been able to see past the obstacles and move closer to reaching my goals! I’m glad I started this journey with such an insightful coach that makes me feel welcomed and understood. I highly recommend Karlene as a coach, you will not regret it!” – Yiciana Rodriguez

Dr. Kimberly Bennett

“It is without reservation that I highly recommend Karlene as a professional or personal life coach if you want to reach your goals and experience a breakthrough. The most powerful thing about Karlene’s approach is her gentle nature, which makes her a quiet storm.  I’m looking forward to continuing our coaching sessions and being apart of her evolution as a coach.”

- Dr. Kimberly Bennett

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NewYork, NY


Tel: (646) 598-2697

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